About Us

We’re Just A Coupla Kids from Youngstown, Ohio, Who’ve Spread Their Wings to NYC ~ ATL ~ CLE

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, siblings with deep roots in manufacturing, and a thoughtfulness for keeping each other safe, bring you the TouchNoMore Tool.  
These siblings teamed up with their Father, who has more than five decades of experience creating and manufacturing groundbreaking products using cutting-edge injection molding technology, to produce the best contactless interaction tool on the market.
They have enjoyed hours of FaceTime calls -- often interrupted by nieces, nephews, toddlers, and virtually schooled children -- making this truly a family passion project. 
At TouchNoMore, we are part of another family, Boardman Molded Products, our parent company, which possesses a diligent, determined, and unwavering commitment to be the leading manufacturer in our industry.  Our product is proudly made in the United States of America. We hope you'll join us on our germ- free TouchNoMore journey.